Angels on Horseback Recipe

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From Nola Cuisine

Angels on Horseback, is the more poetic name for Oysters en Brochette, or skewered Oysters wrapped in bacon, how could you possibly go wrong with Oysters and Bacon?
I tossed the Oysters in a quick little marinade while I par-cooked the Bacon, partially cooked bacon is the key to keeping your Oysters from overcooking. You can make these little beauties under your broiler, I made mine on the grill; whichever you choose, just wrap the Rosemary leaves in a little aluminum foil to keep them from burning.
A lot of the classic versions of this dish are battered and deep fried, I skipped that step because I just like them straight off of the grill.
Traditionally these are served with toast points, but if you forget to buy bread like I did, a small salad will work out just fine.

Angels On Horseback or Oysters en Brochette Recipe

1 Dozen shucked Oysters
1 Dozen Thick sliced bacon, or 6 slices cut in half, if your Oysters are small
4 Rosemary stems, trimmed of leaves except for one inch at the top
1 Clove garlic chopped
3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 pinch Cayenne
1 tsp chopped Parsley
Kosher salt & Black pepper

Cook off the bacon until just slightly browned.
In the meantime, marinate the Oysters in the garlic, lemon juice, cayenne, and parsley, 10-15 minutes should do the trick.
If you have small Oysters, cut the bacon slices in half crosswise. I had huge Oysters yesterday, so I used a whole slice for each one.
Wrap the bacon around the Oysters, then thread on to the Rosemary skewers, 3 or more to a skewer, keeping the Oysters tightly together. Season with a little Kosher salt and a lot of freshly ground black pepper.

To grill or broil:

Wrap the rosemary leaves in aluminum foil to keep them from burning and place the brochettes on a hot grill, or under a broiler. Cook until the bacon is crisp and the edges of the Oysters are curled. Serve with toast points or a small salad. I made a Baby Spinach salad with Creole Mustard Vinaigrette. These also go well served with a Beurre Blanc.

Serves 2 as an appetizer.

From Nola Cuisine

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