Nola is getting Back To Normal

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Hi everyone. Thanks to my brother Brad for helping me get this site back up. I’ve been having technical difficulties of late, mainly having all of my posts reversed. This is why I haven’t been posting, because no one would even notice they were there anyway. Brad upgraded me to the new version of wordpress which has a lot of great features. One of which will allow me to finally take comments out of moderation. There is a plug in which will block the 100+ per day, rat b@stard comment spammers that I’ve had to sort through for the last year or two, to be able to read your much appreciated real comments.

I am still working a few bugs out, mostly getting some of the pictures on my older posts back up.

I have a lot of great stuff on deck, including lots of pics from my recent 3 day restaurant vacation in New Orleans. My favorite was being invited into the kitchen of Cochon to take pictures, great stuff, and one of my new favorite restaurants in New Orleans.

As always I appreciate all of my readers and all of your comments, I’ve met a lot of great people through this site, via email and comments, I look forward to many more great conversations.

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