Jacob’s Andouille

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From Jacob's Andouille

On my last day in Louisiana last month I decided to drive out to Laplace before going to the airport, to visit the self proclaimed “Andouille Capital of the World.” I originally meant to go to all three big one’s, those being Jacob’s, Bailey’s, and Wayne Jacob’s, but I only made it to Jacob’s, I decided I would rather chill out and explore some back roads in the area before a miserable day of air travel.

I did make it to Jacob’s and brought back some Andouille and Tasso to take home with me.

Jacob’s Andouille
505 West Airline Highway LaPlace, LA 70068
Toll Free: 1-877-215-7589

The drive to Laplace from New Orleans is beautiful, driving over the wetlands and on the fringe of Lake Pontchartrain, I really enjoyed the fresh spring air and the sunshine.

Jacob’s is a short drive from I-10 at 505 W. Airline Drive, about a 40 minute drive from New Orleans and about 20 minutes doubling back to the airport.

Another option, like I said in an earlier post, if you don’t have time to make the commute to Laplace before returning home, head to Cochon Butcher in the warehouse district, they’re producing awesome Andouille, Tasso, Boudin, you name it.

From Jacob's Andouille

Jacob’s is a small storefront off of the often busy Airline dr., and if you’re not hungry for Andouille….there is a Taco Bell and Burger King across the street, kind of a buzz kill but I managed to block it out. No corporate swine please, just swine.

From Jacob's Andouille

Here is the pig on their front porch.

From Jacob's Andouille

By the way, my new ride was waiting for me in the parking lot.

From Jacob's Andouille

Upon entering Jacob’s you are of course slapped with a wonderful smoke aroma as should be expected. Here is the menu of their smoked items.

From Jacob's Andouille

I went for the Andouille and Tasso, pork of course, although they offer more health conscious versions of both, using Turkey and Chicken. Here is the beautiful pork Andouille in the case.

From Jacob's Andouille

Here is one of the cases of miscellaneous smoked items, check out the smoked pig tails.

From Jacob's Andouille

I paid for my Andouille & Tasso and packed them into my suitcase for the flight home. (By the way, that suitcase will smell like Louisiana smoked meats for the entire length of it’s use!)

I also drove around back to check out their trailers filled with Pecan wood which Jacob’s uses exclusively.

From Jacob's Andouille
From Jacob's Andouille

When I arrived home I had to pull out the Andouille and Tasso to sample and take some pics. Jacob’s Andouille is slow smoked with Pecan for 10-12 hours until it is a deep Mahogany color. Jacob’s has been family owned and operated since 1928.

From Jacob's Andouille

The Andouille’s flavor is very good, a wonderful level of heat, not too much, not too little, and a phenomenal level of smoke flavor. The pork is coarsely chopped and stuffed into fresh beef casings and is almost 2 inches in diameter. (Here is my homemade Andouille sausage recipe)

From Jacob's Andouille

I was less impressed with the Tasso.

From Jacob's Andouille

Although it had a profound Pecan smoke flavor, as well as a great texture, I thought that it really lacked seasoning. It just tasted like smoked pork, which would still be great for throwing into a pot of beans, but I actually much prefer my homemade Tasso recipe. I was kind of proud of myself with that conclusion.

I made a great pot of Red Beans the next day with these ingredients, recipe and photos coming soon!

Be sure to check out my ever growing Index of Creole & Cajun Recipes which links to all of the recipes featured on this site!

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15 thoughts on “Jacob’s Andouille”

  1. Are you aware of any web sites that rate andouille? I really enjoyed the Boudin link and thought that was helpful but I’m wondering if there is one for andouille lovers too? I can’t find any.

  2. Fantastic blog post and pix, Danno!! Bailey’s may get all the publicity, yet every andouille afficionado knows who the *real* Andouille King is in the Andouille Capital: Jacob’s! For 23 years now at my bed & breakfast, I’ve been serving Jacob’s delicious sausage to guests from around the world.

  3. Can your sausage be ordered online and delivered? I was born in NO and miss Jacob’s, an all time favorite of the family for many years in LaPlace.
    Thank you.

  4. Christopher,
    I went to college in Lafayette years ago when it was still USL so I grew up on Comeaux’s andouille. I’m in Tampa, Fl and we just don’t have it here. I was getting Aidell’s at Costco and some from a local buther shop which is terrible. The thing I like about Jacob’s is it’s USDA inspected so you can use it in restaurants. Christopher all the andouille I’ve ever eaten has been from around the Lafayette area unless I visited New Orleans which I have lots. I’ve always heard Jacob’s had a good product for andouille. They just started making boudin but the rating isn’t that good on the boudin link. What’s the name of your bed and breakfast? My degree is Hospitality Management.

  5. Having grown up in the River Parishes, my family has been a long-time supporter of Jacbos. Thought I’d pass along a little information I recently learned: folks RAVE about the smoked sausage sold at Matherne’s, a small grocery store also located in Laplace, about a mile or two down Airline Highway (headed towards Baton Rouge). It’s on the right hand side of the road in the old Winn Dixie strip mall.

  6. The picture of the slice of andouille shouldn’t have holes in it. It was either not stuffed tight enough or the house (smokehouse) got too hot at one point. If you want a traditional product then you shouldn’t be buying from a USDA inspected facility. Preservatives are added and takes away from a lot of the natural flavor of the andouille. Just my opinion.

  7. As a New Orleans Native, now living in the Florida Keys, I can relate to a suite case full of Andouille Sausage. We often drive to bring back “supplies”. I have to say I agree with your opinion on the Tasso from Jacobs. I have recently tried Tasso from Butcher as well, and still is not as good as the Tasso from Bergeron’s in Port Allen, Louisiana http://bergeronsboudin.com/ (you can order online)If you ever have the opportunity, it is worth the extra drive. (Still like Jacob’s for Andouille) They have a huge retail store with lots to choose from and an restaurant next store. They are known for there smoked chicken patti’s and there chicken sausage is something to try as well. They open at 8am and the hot cracklins are ready and make a wonderful breakfast. I am anxious to try your tasso! Love your site!

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