Marisol needs your Help to feed the Hungry in New Orleans!

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I found this doing a search to see if Chef Pete Vasquez of Marisol Restaurant was OK after Katrina. He is not only ok, but he and his wife Janis are looking to feed the hungry victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. This is from a post at The Gumbo Pages Looka! Here is the INFO:

Marisol Restaurant needs YOUR help to feed rescuers & refugees!

Just received late last night from Janis Vasquez, wife of Marisol chef/owner Pete Vasquez:

Chef Pete is still in New Orleans. Marisol is undamaged. Please help us to help others.

We can feed the hungry with your help.

Massive clean-up and rescue efforts are finally underway and all of those rescuers and remaining displaced New Orleanians are very hungry.

Chef Pete is co-ordinating with one of our specialty produce suppliers, who is now in exile in Texas. The two of them believe that they will be able to round up enough supplies to feed many people for many days & weeks, but only with your help.

To those of you who are members of the press, or who already work with government agencies, or who simply have friends in high places; here is our question: How can we contact someone in charge at FEMA who can assist us with funding this work and spreading the news among those most affected?

Chef Pete’s home phone still works! You can call him at 504 263-5112 or you can call me in West Virginia at 304 242-6610 or you can e-mail me at

If you are sitting on a stockpile of bottled water and disposable and continues to requestplates and utensils, that would be great too.

If any of you are chefs or kitchen workers, your help will be most appreciated also. Please contact Chef Pete or me ASAP.

I can’t update the website and continues to request from here, but you can visit it anyway!

Thanks so much for reading this note. We hope to hear from you real soon!

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