Oysters On the Half Shell

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I had some wonderful Oysters for lunch today, the best way; on the half shell.

A lot of people have a hard time shucking oysters, so I made this short quicktime video on How To Shuck An Oyster. I hope it comes in handy for you!

**Be careful, notice in the video how I use an old kitchen towel over the oyster to protect my hand in case I slip with the knife. I shucked my hand a few times when I was learning, it’s not a pretty cut, what with all the bacteria from the oyster shells hanging out on the knife. Also, make sure you have a good sturdy Oyster Knife, like the one seen in the video. I bought mine at a restaurant supply store for about $8.
*Don’t rush, in my humble opinion the mark of a good oyster shucker is one that serves you oysters that are intact (not butchered), and without grit and particles of shell. I just give my knife a quick wipe, before running it under the oyster. Keep as much of the liquor in the shell as possible. A great place for excellent clean Oysters in New Orleans is Casamento’s Restaurant on Magazine Street.

These are east coast oysters. I have nowhere to get Louisiana Oysters around here, so I use the freshest available. I have to say they were very similar, plump, and juicy. If I could get Louisiana Oysters though, believe me I would.

The Oysters bars in New Orleans have saltine crackers available, and a condiment tray for you to make your own sauce which usually contain ketchup, hot sauce, horseradish, and worcestershire.

I enjoy my Oysters with just a spritz of lemon and a little hot sauce, right off the shell, and a good cold beer. Serve on crushed ice.

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6 thoughts on “Oysters On the Half Shell”

  1. Hi Dan, yep, the oyster shuck cut is not the best. A few years ago, I was helping a friend who was managing a bar, to put on a thank-you function for his staff. I think we had ten dozen oysters to shuck, when after three or four oysters, I stabbed myself in the palm of the hand, quite deeply. My friend turned white, not from my injury (there was lots of blood), but from the thought he would have to open the oysters himself. But you know what it’s like, just bandaged my hand, put on a rubber glove and kept going. Went to the doctors the next day for the tetnus shot.

  2. It sure is an ugly cut, or in most cases, puncture wound. I’ve shucked my thumb before, right down to the bone, it hurts just thinking about it.

    The shuckers at the Oyster bars in N.O. always amaze me, hanging out shuckin’ and jivin’ with the customers and willing the ersters open with very little pressure. They hold them up in a bare hand…pop. Lots of experience.

  3. Don’t worry too much about not getting Louisiana oysters. They are nothing special. The best Gulf oysters come from much farther east, around Appalachicola, Fla.

  4. Damn you! I hadn’t even though about raw oysters! Now, I
    am headed to Hooters in Speedway, Indiana for lunch! And,
    you know that a man has to have beer with his oysters….

    I do like fried oysters at home – dredge in milk and coat
    with Japanese panko crumbs. A little lemon juice and Tabasco
    sauce – truly righteous……

    Carry on,


  5. Oh…this is the best way to have oysters! I was skeptical but a friend convinced me to try a sampler at a nice seafood restraunt (the Oceanaire) in the Twin Cities area. I did not regret it!

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