3 thoughts on “Andouille Cheese Grit Cakes Recipe”

  1. just when i think the recipes and pix can’t get any better. you put something like this up. oh my goodness!!
    my bf is in new orleans right now for a wedding. so wishing i was there to enjoy this kind of food!

  2. I made these with just a few variations and they are really wonderful. For those of us living in the north, you can get Albers quick grits (not instant) in most grocery stores. If you don’t have andouille, Dano’s tasso recipe is excellent. Take a little bit of that and dice it very finely. I also used 1/3 of the liquid chicken stock. It gives a little more depth to the grits, particularly if you are cooking for northern friends who like polenta but think they hate grits. 🙂

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