Kitchen Witch Cook Books

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The French Quarter is filled with amazing little shops to suit anyone’s taste, I found mine on Toulouse Street between Chartres and Royal, just a couple of blocks from Jackson Square.

Anyone that knows me knows my love for cookbooks of all kinds, but especially Creole & Cajun Cookbooks. Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a sign that simply read Cook Books when walking down Toulouse Street in the French Quarter during our recent trip to New Orleans.

A wonderful shop with vibrant art work on the walls, various kitchen related items lovingly placed around the store, and lots of used and new cook books seperated by category, a cook’s dream!

The proprietors Debbie Lindsey and Philipe LaMancusa are among the many friendly faces we encountered in the city on our trip, and Debbie was quick with some favorite dining suggestions when I asked for some recommendations.

The real treat for me was located in the back of the store, the Creole & Cajun section, as well as a large collection of vintage LPs.

They have a very nice selection of used and new Creole & Cajun cook books and a glass case that contains some more rare items, such as the Buster Holmes Restaurant Cookbook.

Another thing that really caught my eye was a Chez Helene t-shirt under glass, Chez Helene of course being the long lost restaurant of the late Austin Leslie who passed away shortly after being trapped in his attic during Katrina.

Debbie & Philipe also ship so give them a call at (504) 528-8382 or email at if you’re looking for that hard to find cook book that you lost years back.

Kitchen Witch Cookbooks, Music, and Art is located on Toulouse Street between Royal & Chartres in the French Quarter (MAP):

Kitchen Witch
631 Toulouse Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
631 Toulouse

Kitchen Witch

Click here for information on visiting New Orleans and Louisiana!

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5 thoughts on “Kitchen Witch Cook Books”

  1. I got giddy like a school girl when I opened this post! I just knew the Kitchen Witch was my long time friend, CRAZY DEBBIE! We had lost touch with her shortly after Katrina. I’m happy to read in cyber-land that she’s doing all right and the cookbook store is keeping afloat (pun intended).

    If you go to her store, do yourself a favor and don’t make fun of her southern accent. You just might get a hot bowl of grits in your lap!

  2. I enjoyed my visit with Philipe when I was there. I now tell my friends to stop in and say hi to Bob the cat for me when they go to NOLA. My stop into the store is one of my best memories of the city. I enjoyed his stories, and the food recomendation was the best meal I had in the city! (Which whas where I got to meet Debbie)

  3. I am a local and somehow never knew this store existed until this past weekend while we were walking around enjoying the French Quarter Festival. What a wonderful, wonderful store!!

  4. We discovered the store during our last visit to New Orleans from Houston. We were born and raised in New Orleans. Kitchen Witch is a must see store. The minute you walk in, you will feel at home. The collection of rared cookbooks is wonderful! My daughter especially enjoyed Rosie and Sophia during her visits. That is a surprise! Philip is full of knowledge about New Orleans! Our visit to the store was one of our best sites in New Orleans too!

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