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This really is a wonderful recipe Beignet recipe. The only thing in my opinion that could improve the flavor of these Beignets would be of course to eat them in the French Quarter with the sounds, sites and smells (yes even some of the bad ones) of a morning in New Orleans, with a whole day of adventure ahead. Actually, that’s what this whole site is about, that first bite of a dish that magically takes you to another place and time, or makes you yearn to discover the people and place that created it.

I made this batch of Beignets for my niece who was staying over for the weekend, and my daughter, neither had ever had them before. I’m glad I was the one who got to introduce them to Beignets. After her first bite my niece Noelle exclaimed, “Wow! This is the best thing that ever set sail in my mouth.” Ah, to be nine again.

Anna however didn’t have much to say, she just turned 2, but just the fact that she ate them is compliment enough. She did belt out a few high pitched “Mmmm’s.”

I changed the pic on the page with the recipe, as this one turned out much better than the former, but the Beignets were from the same recipe.

I made a few discoveries while making this batch, however. One, the second rise isn’t really necessary, the heat of the oil puffed them right up, this may be partially due to the fact that I used two envelopes of yeast instead of one, but I think they will rise with one. I’m going to make an adjustment to the recipe.

Just for fun here are some pics from our last trip to Cafe Du Monde last February. As always, I’m dying to get back to New Orleans.

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8 thoughts on “Beignets”

  1. Those look so yummy! Your niece has the same look my nine year old has every time he eats one. Except he always seems to have powdered sugar all over himself. We always take a few boxes of begnet mix home with us. I’m not into pre- made mixes, but these always come out just like Cafe Du Monde’s. We tried a recipe once from a magizane, and my husband and I were very disapointed. The were just too dense. I will try yours. It will nice to have this as a back up. Thanks as always for your wonderful posts.

  2. I have been perfecting my Beignets for years. I was in New Orleans the weekend of June and made these the following weekend for my wife and son who missed out on the authentic experience.

    June 14,2008 Version

    750 g King Arthur Bread Flour
    1 tsp IDY (instant dried yeast)
    1 cup water
    1 cup evaporated milk
    2 egg beaten
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    80 g sugar (this less amount may reduce premature browning)
    2 ½ teaspoon salt

    6 tablespoons melted butter

    Don’t put in all of the flour. At most try 680 g, and maybe even less. Fry in 370 F peanut oil until brown on both sides.

    NOTES June 14, 2008
    Not as dense a Café Du monde. Maybe less yeast next time. Try a punch down 2 hours before. (2 hours needed for dough to relax). The bubble inflate and cause too much floating.

  3. I am originally from New Orleans…moved to Dallas 12 years ago. I just found your blog today…..and I think I just found my FAVORITE blog! Thanks!

  4. I lived in New Orleans area from 1945 until 2001.Visitors were always treated to beignets, and my husband and I were never in the vicinity without a visit, parking over the levee was convenient. This article brings so many wonderful memories, more than I imagined possible.

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