Parasol’s Restaurant and Bar

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From Parasol's

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! The annual block party begins at Parasol’s on Constance & Third in the Irish Channel at 11:00 a.m.!! I wish I could be there.

Parasol’s Restaurant & Bar
2533 Constance Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Parasol’s Restaurant & Bar, like any respectable neighborhood restaurant in New Orleans doesn’t look like a place that you would consider eating. Drinking absolutely, eating no.

From Parasol's

And let me say that this is one of the great drinking establishments in New Orleans, a wonderful hole in the wall bar, almost always packed with locals and whomever else happens to walk or stumble through the door.

From Parasol's

The kind of Irish Pub with hand written signs that say things like “A 20% gratuity will be added to any credit cards left at the bar. You Drunks!!” This one made me laugh because in my past, I have to admit…guilty as charged. It’s always good to be in a town where you’re among friends.

From Parasol's

Running parallel with the bar, on the other side of the wall is a somewhat dingy little dining room (I say that with the utmost respect and actually as a compliment), where in my humble opinion, the BEST Roast Beef Po Boy (my Parasol’s style Roast Beef Po Boy Recipe) is served. Detractors can go nuts in the comments section if you like, this is a hot debate, but Parasol’s serves the kind that I like, Roast Beef that is just obliterated from long slow cooking in a rich gravy, smothered with mayonaise, some tomatoes, pickles and lettuce; dressed that is. And that bread! Light as can be, yet chewy, with a crust that is beyond imagine!

From Parasol's

Now the fun starts. This is also the messiest sandwich I have ever eaten, hats off. From my first bite I was awash in debris, mayo, gravy, up to my elbows. I actually ran out of napkins and had to clean myself by rolling around in a small patch of grass I found on Constance. I’m exaggerating of course, but you know what I mean, good sloppy eating in one of the most colorful little Irish bars I’ve ahd the pleasure of visiting.

Speaking of which, tomorrow being St Patrick’s Day, this is the place to be in the city, they annually host a block party that begins at 11:00 a.m. and runs all day long! Wish I was there! Here are some pics of the block party on their website.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

Gaston from The New Orleans Creole and Cajun Cuisine Blog sent us this video which shows the owner of Parasol’s making their famous Roast Beef. They should have given the host a Po Boy to keep him from talking so much through the video, that clown annoys me. (**Update – Upon my second viewing of this video, I’ve concluded that this guy from the Food Network, is THE biggest stooge on TV! Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp, and even the elusive Curly Joe, have nothing on this guy.) Thanks for the link Gaston, and keep up the great blogging! Here is the video:

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14 thoughts on “Parasol’s Restaurant and Bar”

  1. I haven’t been there in 25 years, and it looks just like it did then! I really miss the rb poboy. Really. Miss. It.

  2. Tom – I just had it last week and I already miss it.

    Laurie – I hope you had a great one!

    Gaston – Awesome video, shows how they make the Roast Beef! If we could just edit out that jack ass that hosts the show, that guy gets under my skin. Thanks for a great link!

  3. I read the reviews on Parasol’s and Cassamento’s. Oh, y’all. I grew up with both. My grandparents’ home was in the 2800 block of Constance St. Parasol’s for a good roast beef and Cassamento’s Erster Loaf. I so want to come back home. Warning: Do not send your kids to Baton Rouge to go to LSU. I didn’t mean to end up in BR. Ain’t no good po-boys in Baton Rouge.

    Nobody has mentioned the Come Back Inn on West Metry. Best po-boy in that hood.

  4. Last time I was in NO, the Come Back Inn had fallen from grace, for whatever reason. Indeed, the best sandwich in W. Metarie when I was in Lakeview and a student at UNO, but the last time I was there (which was over 10 years ago, granted) it was really shocking just how bad the food actually was.

    I lived on 16th Street exactly a block towards I-10 from Fleur Di Les snowball stand. They had the best sour apple in the whole city.

    Great website. I’ll be back.

  5. don’t forget Berts in McComb ms..just down the block from no
    berts poboy can not be eatten while you drive, it drips off your elbows

  6. About 25 years ago we were sitting in Parasol’s (having a great rb & swiss)and a well dressed gentleman,obviously a foreign tourist, walked to the window to place his order in very hesitant english. He did a great job considering his limited command of the language. Just try to imagine his face when the lady at the window asked “Ya want it dressed, dahlin'”?

  7. FYI, Parasol’s has changed ownership.. the old crew has moved to Tracey’s Bar & Restaurant and taken their po-boys with them.

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